About Our Company


MB Bearings LTD is a company in export/import business with customers around the world. We export all kind of bearings, automobile accessories, engineering products. We conduct well balanced business, throughout our value chains. Extending from the upstream sourcing of raw materials for the Industry to the down-stream retail business. Steadily providing high value added services by utilizing our frontline businesses to gather information while linking together functions such as logistics, financing, and marketing. At the same time we constantly work to reinvent ourselves and use innovative cutting edge functions provide required by businesses. the company mission is the continuous expansion of our business into worldwide industry of power transmission products, which is built on customer-focused services through the incorporation of western business philosophy.

According to contracts with suppliers the company is responsible for quality control, required dodcumentation process for each importing country, whereby companies such as VP Biotech(Thailand), PT. Ames Indah International (Indonesia), Cixi Red Print Machinery (China),to name a few, are suppliers and prepare and pack bearings according requirement of the specific shipments and import regulation of import country.

In the future, our company plan to enter the market of Oil and Gas Industry by providing the necessary goods and special Underwater Inspectors and NDT trained personal to monitor the condition and maintain the goods for future enhancements.

Featured maintenance and enhancement services are including:

•Trained technician with Underwater Inspection and NDT training to collect the data to precede future specifications for enhancements of goods for our customers under specific parts of our contracts.

•Supply of enhanced goods specialized for conditions and uses for costumers under specific parts of our contracts.